Our Principles

Our business principles were developed through the participation and collaboration of all company’s employees. They establish and formalise our culture and experience, in the way we present ourselves in all business situations, before all stakeholders and in the pursuit of our business goals.

Creating Value for Our Customers

We aim to make our business successful in the long run. By continuously adding value to our services, we ensure a good return for our customers, the economic viability of our projects and the satisfaction of the needs of all those who believe in SIM.

  • We manage our action areas within an integrated and global perspective, offering our customers added value above the market’s expectations, pointing at  medium and long-term strategies, for our interaction with customers
  • We seek to fully satisfy our customers by creating attractive benefits, providing products and services that aim to exceed expectations
  • We establish close relationships with our customers. We seek that there´s involvement in the services implementation, would be a viability promoter for their businesses development

Respecting People, the Market and the Environment

SIM’s activity areas are developed based on national labour laws and all regulations applicable to our line of work. We endeavour to meet the expectations of the market and of our community, while maintaining utmost respect for people and for the environment. The materials used for our events are duly certified and, upon their disassembly, non-reusable materials are properly recycled. It is by adopting a conduct based on these standards, that we manage to continually evolve.

Building Trusting Relationships

The essence of our organisation lies in the attitude and passion of our employees in the management of each SIM’s action areas. Through the seeking and sharing of knowledge, innovation and creativity to do more and better, and the strictness and rigour which we face challenges every day. All these premises are essential to build up one of our most important assets: trust.

Promoting Long-Term Partnerships

The viability of our business depends on our relationships with all our partners:

  • We seek to establish long-term relationships, fostering the involvement of our service providers and local community institutions
  • We believe in developing long-term partnerships, with entities whose principles are aligned with our commitment to sustainability
  • We look to be harmoniously integrated into the local community, in a spirit of openness and cooperation. It is our ambition to create profitable and lasting social and business relationships, which contribute to the quality of life and well-being of the surrounding communities