Set Decoration & Production

SIM devotes much of its facilities and staff exclusively to the production of sets. Thus, in addition to developing the manufacture project, we have all the equipment and staff that allow us to create all types of sets.

From custom sets for trade shows, to Christmas islands, theatre performances, photo shoots, fashion shows, among others.

We also have a scenic design and lighting team specialised on corporate events. With this team and latest technology, it gives us the freedom to design any set on any stage, which means we can provide a customised set that will fully meet the needs of the customer.

SIM provides all services and equipment, including audio, video, lights, rigging, digital signatures, presentation management, staff and robotic systems, as part of the scenic package.

In decoration field, SIM boasts a vast portfolio of highly modern Christmas decorations, where power consumption and sustainability are also a concern.

We specialised in the installation of all types of indoor and outdoor lights. We decorate buildings façades, provide spectacular Christmas trees and install all types of Christmas Islands, ranging from the most traditional to the most modern, with animatronic figurines.


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