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Vogue Fashion Night Out

Once again, SIM was connected to the one that it is considerer THE most fashion night of the year.

The DJ´s Carolina Torres and Isabel Figueira, switched the central square of Armazéns do Chiado Shopping Centre, into a cheerful dance floor.


Drive-In at Forum Montijo

This summer, the parking lot of Forum Montijo shopping centre, was transformed into a giant Drive In. During 25 nights, 25 movies were showed taking the visitors to remember the golden years of these cinemas.  SIM was responsible for the production of the whole event, from the structures assembly (sound and image), to the projectionist’s team and other staff that implemented and accompanied this event.


England World´s Football Cup Press Conference

SIM was responsible for the entire audiovisual part and produced the media support elements that were used in one of England´s football team press conference. This squad, chosen Portugal to prepared it self for the 2014 football world cup. The trainings were held private, however a media day was performed in which the media were allowed to speak with the football players.


Iberical Tourism Fair

From 1st to 4th of May 2014, the iberical Tourism Fair was held in Guarda, To SIM was trusted the mission of assembly all the structures, exhibitions boots and concert production, that animated this event. This singular project had about 100 exhibitions boots from diverse tourism areas and also a vast recreational program.


Students Week at Aveiro I

This year, student’s week at Aveiro had luxury presences.  SIM was involved in all concerts, from the assembly of the biggest European tent for attending concerts, to the concerts production itself.


Students Week at Aveiro II

With the concert production fully delivered to SIM, among several Portuguese known bands, like Xutos e Pontapés, Moonspell and Blasted Mechanism, this year the headliners artists at students week in Aveiro, were the “vets” U40 and the worldwide known DJ, Martin Solveig.


Students Week at Vila Real

Vila Real also stressed out in students week, by electing a musical programme of excellency. Among the Portuguese musical talents, like Quinta do Bill and Buraka Som Sistema, was the singer Nelson Freitas. Always with SIM, of course!


Dance Fashion

Latest edition of Dance Fashion at Forum Montijo, was even more impressive. Portuguese celebrities like, Cláudia Vieira, Isabel Figueira, Ricardo Guedes and Angelo Rodrigues passed through the runway and the X Factor finalist, D8, enliven the opening and closer of this fashion and dance event. SIM was in charge of this incredible production.